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Apr 27, 2021

S3D Development Update - June 2019

Mon Jun 24, 2019 1:36 pm

As we approach the halfway point of 2019 we would like to share our progress with the community and answer some of the most common questions we have received from our customers.

We mentioned in the Version 4.1.2 announcement, that our development team remains dedicated to continue improving Version 4. Our latest Version 4.1.2 release has been incredibly stable thanks to many of the bug reports and suggestions contributed by our users. We want to encourage everyone to continue reporting any issues you experience so our team can resolve any remaining issues with the latest Version 4 release.

At the same time, our development team continues to make significant progress on Version 5.0 and we are happy to report that it is still on schedule to be released later this year.

We have received a lot of questions following the announcement that Version 5.0 will be the largest release in our company's history and the first paid update. We have provided answers to many of our most common questions below and will continue to provide more details in future development updates.

I recently bought Simplify3D Version 4.1.2. Do I have to pay again for Version 5.0?

We provide 1 year of free software updates along with your license purchase. This means that if you purchased the software now, you would still be able to upgrade to any version released within the next 12 months for free including Version 5.0.

I bought Simplify3D more than 12 months ago. How much will the Version 5.0 update cost?
If you have already purchased a Simplify3D license in the past, you will not need to buy a full license again, there will only be a small upgrade fee required. We will be providing more information about upgrade pricing later in the year as we finalize the features that will be included in Version 5.0.

Can you share what features will be in Version 5.0?
We will be sharing more information about all of the new features coming to Version 5.0 as we get closer to the release. We will also be teasing some of the new features like we have done for past releases. Stay tuned for future development updates!

Do I have to upgrade to Version 5.0?
You can continue receiving updates to Version 4, and can keep using that version, even if you do not wish to upgrade to Version 5.

When will Version 5.0 be released?
As we mentioned above, our development team continues to make great progress on Version 5.0 and we are still on track for release this year. We will be providing much more information about Version 5 as the release gets closer in future development updates.