Anycubic Mega X direct extruder

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Oct 10, 2021
I was not very happy with the stock bowden extruder stringing performance after trying about 100 experiments with various settings. After looking to see if there was an any cubic kit available I decided I would Frankenstein it. I used a CR direct hot end kit but changed the heater element and fans for 12v. The anycubic marlin sw project was available on line and I was to update the direction and speed of the extruder fro 3:1 to about 1:1. The sw from on line provides additional options under a special menu and so far has been good. I cut a hole near the USB/SD connectors as that seemed most optimal. Took a liilttle while to map the connections to the original extruder but it you have a dmm then no problem. The relocation of the filiment holder works great. Needed ro bend it a little and drill one additional hole to mount it. Still need to print a proper x end stop extender since the replacement extruder is centered to the right and did not hit the xstop switch properly. Was going to look if there is a better bracket to center the new extruder more. Regardless it worked great. Petg Stringing was reduced greatly and I was able to find the optimal setting quickly. Night and difference in performance. I would say the whole update costed about $70 in parts.


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