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  1. Runek

    Anet A8 Plus + SKR 1.4 + BLTouch

    Runek submitted a new resource: Anet A8 + SKR 1.4 + BLTouch - Anet A8 + SKR 1.4 + BLTouch Read more about this resource...
  2. Runek

    Anet A8 Plus - SKR 1.4 TURBO - Config Files

    These are modified Config Files originally from Chris Riley They are for Anet A8 Plus using an SKR 1.4 Turbo Board and 2209 Stepper Drivers They have been modified: Modified for 300x300x350 Bed (Anet A8 Plus) PIO now set for LPC1769 LINK...
  3. Runek

    Thread from SF3D Forum regarding Version 5 - from 2019 @Simplify3D

    S3D Development Update - June 2019 Mon Jun 24, 2019 1:36 pm As we approach the halfway point of 2019 we would like to share our progress with the community and answer some of the most common questions we have received from our customers. We mentioned in the Version 4.1.2 announcement, that our...
  4. Runek

    What size is the Fan on the Power supply

    I am looking to replace the fan on the A8 Plus power supply with something more quiet Does anyone know what size the original fan is on the power supply as I would like to mount it internally as per original
  5. Runek

    Hemera Direct Drive for Anet A8

    Has anyone moded their A8 for a Hemera and does it offer much improvement?
  6. Runek

    My Second ANET..

    I now have a Anet A8 Plus My first was a Anet A8
  7. Runek

    Adding Images to your Resource so it shows up in the Resource TAB

    After you have added your Resource Come back to your Resource Click the 3 DOTS ... Then Edit Reource Image It will add the image to the Image Grid on the front page of the Resources Tab
  8. Runek

    Anyone listed with STOPFORUMSPAM will be deleted

    Let me be very clear... Spammers are NOT welcome and the amount we get per day is phenomenal I hope legitimate people register only :)
  9. Runek

    We only offer Free Resources (stl) files on this forum

    We do this so nobody will expect a cost involved for any STL listed on the forum. Feel free to upload your Free files in our "Free Resources" section You will be able to link back to your site or shop, when uploading your files
  10. Runek

    Marketplace to sell Files and Prints

    I am building a 3D Print marketplace for people to sell their files or prints.... It will be free for the first 12 months then we will only charge 3%.... I will update this post with added information as I build the site I do have the domain name ready as well as hosting, so just a matter of...
  11. Runek

    My first EVER Benchy in PETG

    This is my first Benchy in PETG and it came out great...
  12. Runek

    Noisey Blower fan on Anet A8

    I replaced my Blower Fan with a Noctua 40 fan and that part of the printer is super quiet now. I am getting an E3D extruder kit and want to go back to a blower fan, so I need some suggestions on the quietest blower fan I can mount to the E3D... All suggestions welcome :)
  13. Runek

    Admin Uploading Files

    I am uploading STL files from various locations, while the forum grows and people start uploading. I am adding the original location in the Free Resources section under MORE INFORMATION and SUPPORT, which will take you to the original file Let me know if you object to my methodology
  14. Runek

    Simplify3D V 5.0

    Does anyone have any updates on S3D version 5? Its great software, but I would like to see it update with the times
  15. Runek


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